Monday, 29 May 2017

Long weekend on the Isle of Mull


As you may know from the series thats currently on our sister site HERE myself and a good mate Lee Dutton went for a long weekend to the glorious Isle of Mull. It's main aim was birding but I also took the opportunity to take my Canon 6D and selection of Pentax Takumar old lenses and the wonderful Pentax 67ii and it's associated lenses. The Medium Format film stuff is to follow once they are back from AGlabs and I've had time to scan and process the things. So in the meantime heres the digital manual focus stuff.

First lot are from the mainland as we wandered around looking for the bid birds. Now I'll confess now that I really am not into big landscape stuff. I'm quite happy to look at it. I'm also too impatient and impromptu and serendipitous to sit around all day waiting for 'that' moment. I'm more of an 'it is what it is' sort of photographer for better or worse. Lens selection was a mixture of 50mm f1.4, 17mm fisheye and for a change the rather nice and under used 135mm f2.8. All Takumar Super Multi Coated babies.

I think these following three work equally in colour and B&W

Lee was intreated that I was interested in three concrete stumps in the middle of nowhere

Well I rather like them

Ansel Adams eat your heart out

One slice or two?

Lee for scaling purposes

House for scaling purposes

We popped over to the little Island of Iona to look for Corncrake. I also did a few snaps

The port of Fionnphort waiting for the boat trip

A bit of Mondrian inspired shots on the boat

Really? I'd never have guest

Meanwhile back on the mainland it was all about the boats.

Just north of the little village of Salem where we stayed there is a very convenient lay-by with three very photogenic decaying boats on the shore. If you Google "three boats Salen" you'll see what I mean. I had to do it of course.

Rather line this one and couldn't find anyone who had taken this shot by the boats so good on you Andrew

The capital Tobermory

On the last full day we went on boat trip 15miles out into the North Sea for a spot of Whale watching. We did indeed see a couple of Minke Whales very briefly but to my mind we saw something even more spectacular as you will see later on.

A pod of twenty or so Dolphins came along side and rode with us for a while. I tried with my EFRS 100-400L lens but they were too close so I resorted to the 50mm f1.4 with interesting results.

This is Andy the spotter on the boat.

So there you go. The highlight was defiantly the Dolphins with a few not bad efforts thrown in along the way. There will be more from the film stuff in a week or so so pop back. 

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