Saturday, 30 July 2016

The green, green grass of home.


There's lovely now Cariad!

So a small trip along the mid Wales coast was had that took in Aberystwyth, Cardigan and a few points in between. I'm back to the old faithful 50mm f1.4 Tak and the 17mm Fisheye for good measure. I also took the 35mm f3.5 but didn't use it. If your going to go wide then go WIDE and use a fisheye!. So on with the shots. If you haven't been around those parts I suggest you do. It's a beautiful area. It's an old haunt of mine from back when I lived there so nothing new to me but nice to see the green green grass again.

Someone had put a rock on the stanchion. I never create scenes. I only snap what is there

This didn't come out as good as I would have likes

Same with this pebble on a piece of seaweed

Like this one a lot. All those lines!

Again three pebbles on a rock. Note the salt crystals on the black one. Cool

I was trying to get the three elements of the foam, sand and rock together

Do like this one

And this one

Three Gulls in this one

What colours! 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Grimsby boat and bridge


Very quick one this week! I was up in Grimsby and had a few hours to kill and had my camera. I thought I'd give the Asahiflex a rest so went with the old go to Tak 50mm f1.4 Also used the Polarising Filter. If you haven't got one get one. Makes clouds and water look amazing!!

So here we go. I struggled to be honest and only really found this rather nice elevating bridge and an old Trawler next to the Fishing Heritage Center

Friday, 22 July 2016

All calm on Lundy


A day trip to Lindy was organised by James with the purpose of an trip. Not one to just take one expensive camera on a small boat out to sea I of course took two expensive cameras! I wasn't going to pack much gear so it was down to two lenses only. Didn't want to fumble too much with changing lenses as the gentle 'plop' of one of my babies sinking to the depths in the Bristol Chanel wasn't one I wanted to hear. It was the 58mm Asahiflex and the 17mm Fisheye that were piped aboard

The calm sea and grey low clouds mixed in with the faint mist made for an enchanting sight.

I have no idea!

Another calming scene with added Guillemots

That sea again

What a shinny rock!

The Devils Slide

Back on dry land at Ilfracombe Harbour

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