Sunday, 23 July 2017

Once more unto the breech

Glastonbury's Abbey is a lovely place indeed for a brush up on your history and legend as well as a peaceful meander through the grounds. It's also the venue for many events. The one in question here is the Medieval Fair. Full of suits of armour and wenches with ale. What more does one need on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The fair was a good choice for black and white. All that shines reflects armour was asking for it.

Pentax 67ii and 105mm f2.4, 35mm f3.5 fisheye and 165mm f2.8 using Delta 100 and Provia 100

Just to set the scene

If James Bond was a spider

Lovely orchard

And so to battle

"Got chatting to this fair maiden down the tavern the other night. She gave me her phone number. Whats a phone?"

A more peaceful selection now from the Windmill at Ashton

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Barrington Court in the spring


Barrington Court what a lovely stately home. The gardens are a wealth of beauty at the right time of year. So what better time to go than when I knew what I was doing! This photoshoot was using Provia 100 and at the end some Delta 100 and as usual using my beautiful Pentax 67ii. Lenses of choice were the 105mm f2.4 and 35mm f3.5 fisheye. Gone are the days of shooting into the sun but I was still fixated with DOF so excuse me on this one. Exposure was set using the max / min method with the inbuilt spot metre. Measure the lightest and darkest parts then set to the mid point. Provia has a exposure width of about 5 zones which is pretty tight but it copes well I reckon. It (Its me actually) does have a habit of underexposing the darks but I like that. The Pentax 67ii has an excellent light meter and a match for todays digi stuff. Spot, centre weighted and 6 zone. Great bit of kit.

Three plus three

I like this one. Like decorations hanging down or dark masses rising up

Another cracker with nice DOF

Again it was all about the DOF. Bit too shallow this time.

Fisheye goodness

Was trying something with the path but it hasn't really worked

Ah good old polarising filter

Ever decreasing frames within a frame

Geometry and bokeh

This didn't come out as well as I would have hoped either but still nice

Love it

symmetry and asymmetry 

Still too shallow but cool

I was very happy snapping away with Provia then just as we were giving up hope I spotted the cabbage patch. All that texture in the leaves. I whipped out a chocolate finger of Delta and set to work

Hmm sort of works

Barrington court is well worth a visit. Go explore!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Beverley Minster

Finally we're getting to the good stuff, If I may be so bold? I've worked out how to use Provia 100 and how to scan properly using Vuescan and how to edit in Photoshop and Lightroom. With all this knowledge at my disposal I found myself in a small town up north just outside of Hull called Beverley. It has a very nice Minster so I payed my £3.00 and wandered round with gear in hand.

My permit. I whore it with pride.


A very nice assistant showed me a few hidden gems including this graffiti. Apparently someone has written a book on it all in the Minster.

The sun did come out once in a while but mostly it was dull inside but did make for better exposure with the windows.

An art exhibition was in one of the wings

My new 35mm f3.5 Fisheye was in it's element

Amazing carvings one one of the doors

Why I love fisheye lenses

My favourite pic of the lot

My second favourite pic of the lot

What a beautiful place. Beverley itself is a nice town as well to have a wander around. I'd recommend it if your up that way any time.

And while I was up there how could I resist getting the Humber bridge with that fisheye!

Bit of social comment there

To use the roll up I was back in home territory at Hamwall so snapped a few landmarks

I think this one has defiantly got that 'medium format' look about it

and this one as well for that matter

So I'm happy now. This was a good stint in my world of film. Finally I'm really happy with the results. I'm hoping your liking them at last. I've been posting showing the development of my work rather than skipping straight to the good stuff. This way I can look back and see how I'm progressing. With processing and scanning there is a lag in the time line so I have a few months worth ready to post while a few more rolls are ready to send off and develop then scan. More to come soon. 

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