Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sutton bridge Dunster abbey


Theres a little place I really like popping into when on my travels. It's way up on the Lincolnshire coast, smack in the middle of The wash. Sutton Bridge is a magical place where you can wander out along the banks of the River Nene estuary past the Peter Scott Lighthouse and on to the wonderful vista of the seashore. I was hoping to walk as far as the mound just off the embankment a mile or so along but time forbade it. Instead I was restricted to the the immediate mouth of the Nene. It was here that I realised I may need a set of graduated ND filters. I have since purchased such a set and am yet to actually use them. One day maybe. All this on Delta 100 pushed to 200 through the Pentax 67ii and with 55mm f4, 165mm f2.8 and 35mm f3.5 fisheye.

A few odds and sods from a nice visit to Dunster Castle a bit closer to home. I had done here before but with the Takumars and Canon 6D. Again on the Pentax 67ii and the usual lenses. This time however I occationaly used the new green filter. Interesting and will be used again.

Oh this one is from Glastonbury Abbey to use the film up!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Crete on film


The annual holiday was in Crete again this year. Positive of this is we knew what and where to go. This year I also decided to take the big bugger of the Pentax 67ii with four of the lenses. Basically my usual pack with 105 f2.4, 165 f2.8, 55 f4 and 35 f3.5 fisheye. They all had an outing at some stage and I've noticed my weapon of choice these days is the 165mm f2.8. Gets that little bit closer and is a cracking lens. I was also surprised at how many B&W pics I'm taking theses days. I seem to be defaulting to B&W unless the colours speak to me. All on Delta 100 pushed to 200 or Provia 100. So on with the show.

Really disappointed with this one. The cat was on a bed of brilliant red petals plus the focus is out! Grrrr 

One of the cats at the villa

Fantastic vista of shades

Chuffed with this one

I like the patterns from the waves through to the rocks

A red filter is soooo cool for dark skies

I wanted this with no vehicals but as I clicked I saw the moped come through so took another one. This is so much better.

How many can you see?

And now to that colour stuff. The horse was a suprise but nice. The little shrines along the road are wonderful and poiniant. Full of decaying offerings and pictures of distant memories.

I'm really suprised these actually came out considering how dark it was. A real old taverna run by a matriarch who knows how to cook.

I went for a little walk along to the working port at Rethimno away from the old and touristic and into the reality of things. I was drawn by the simplicity of the colours. Yellow, Red and green. All the shots were taken through a chain link fence so thats why you may see an odd shadow sometimes.

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