Thursday, 26 January 2017

Dreamy peaks of Oxford


A nice weekend in Oxford. Dreaming spires and brains the size of planets and all that. Having said that central shopping area isn't the nicest of places. Don't worry I'll concentrate on the nice stuff. Weapons of choice were the Canon 6D with 58mm f2.4 Asahiflex, 17mm f3.5 fisheye Takumar and my new best friend the 35mm f3.5 Takumar. Enjoy the show. I did tip my toe in a bit of street photography but not too much.

The shopping centre

Dream on

Lots of these around at the mo. More modern stuff going up

Erm for a dog and four pups?

Where's Antony?

Upstairs downstairs

Get your Alfreds by the dozen 'ere

The ice was very nice in the fountain

Then the night fell and the exposures got longer and longer

I'm watching you!

Back to the sight seeing around town

Finally if there is only one place you go you must go to the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Absolutely amazing place. 5 hours flew!

What a roof

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