Monday, 22 February 2016

Leaving you to it


Twas a day on the levels again with duel rolls of and this one. Not a great day so while James did the birdy stuff I did the was all with the Takumar 135mm f2. 5 this is a very very nice lense. Absolutely sharp as a knife even wide open. Get one if you can. They aren't too expensive considering.

 Starlings over Tealham Moore

Now I've always taken a sideways look at the bogs of Westhay. If you look at them they have a wonderful dark, earthy, rich reflective look about them. Unfortunately when ever I've tried to capture that feel I've ended up with pictures of, well, a bog! Hopefully I'm getting somewhere with these?

I would write more but I'm on my tablet in Yorkshire and it's not playing ball. Frankly readers I'm peed off with the thing so I'll shut up and leave you to it. A bit like I left James to it with the birdy stuff. And on that note I've just got the title for the blog!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A bit stumped


A quick trip up to Norfolk and Lincolnshire on business so I quickly slipped the Canon 6D and Takumar 50mm f1.4 in my trusty man-bag. The evening in Boston had me having a quick walk round the town centre. Now no disrespect to the place and given I only wandered in the howling wind for an hour or so but I was a little stumped for photo opportunities. Street life isn't my thing at all. People really don't interest me. Well not quit that but I have a real aversion to snapping them. A shudder goes down my spine when I see pictures of' shall we say, street caricatures looking glum or crazy or angry or, as most of them are doing, minding their own business. I don't see much real social comment in the vast majority of today's street photos. All I see is self indulgence and crass hypocrisy. A pretty women looking bored in a cafe, an old women next to a billboard for makeup or a tramp next to a banker. Really!! How many times. Besides your camera cost more than all their worldly goods put together! No give me dynamics in the architecture, give me history in the places. To me street photography should be like sunset photography. Anyone can take a picture of a setting sun the art is to take a photograph of the effects of the sunset.
Bearing all that in mind I wasn't actually trying to do that but on with the show and end of my whinge.

Bracingly crisp morning view from the hotel

The car had a bit of a growth on it to

The green wall caught my eye

Now this is my kind of street photography. Hundreds of lives on one wall. Graffiti has always intrigued me. Not the artistic variety but more the innocent doodleings of everyday people. Sandstone pillars in churches are a great place for this. Hundreds of hours of boring sermon make work for idle hands.

Bit of nicely framed wall

Stumped if I know!

This is pure time to me. Imagine the day they told the owner of the brave new world of architecture about to happen.

As I walked along this street by the water front I realised I had been passing many alley ways. I walked back to the top and started snapping. Here's my tribute to the hidden corners of South Street Boston

The Alleys of South Street Boston

Thank you Boston, short but sweet

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Taking the Mump


Bit of a big day today. You see it was the first time I would be using my big bugger of a Pentax 6x7 medium format camera. Where to use it though. Looking out I saw my favourite weather, clear and blue skies peppered with fast moving heavy cloud. Lots of ever changing light and dramatic leaden skies with high contrast awaited. I fancied somewhere high with wide vistas. Where else but Burrow Mump. Off I sped all packed up.
As you know we had lots of heavy rain over night so lots of flooded fields were expected. What I wasn't expecting was having to climb a greasy pole of a hill that looked all innocent covered in grass but hid a deadly secret of very slippy mud underneath. I went ass over tit a couple of times. Luckley only one person was around and he was fully engrossed in his scope. I think I got away with it. Here's the results of that climb.

See what I have to go through for you lot!!

But on to the days work. A mixed bag of Takumars consisting of the 58mm f2.4, 50mm f1.4, 17mm f4 fisheye and 100mm f4 macro

The old twist and shoot effect

I darkened the sky on this one

I have a thing about old graffiti. I find it fascinating with all the intriguing scenarios that led to it. Years and years of kids leaving their mark, lovers sealing their futures even marks left by the craftsmen who made anything or a scratch or chip left hundreds of years ago by what ever inocuious act like carrying a table through a door.




OTT processing (Or a WWII RAF target reconnaissance photo)


They age buildings using Lichen don't you know



The high waters at Burrowbridge

Rather lonely and poignant gate

I was aiming for the geometry here 

The Tor

On the way to Grey Lake for a spot of EFRSing I stopped at Blind Mans Gate Sluice to get the drama of the water again using just the 50mm f1.4

Funny one this but I like it

Oh! I nearly forgot here's the results of the Pentax 6x7 from Burrow Mump............

You'll have to wait until I have them developed and I've scanned them I'm afraid. Hee Hee!!

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