Sunday, 21 August 2016

Colour me purple


Apologies for the quietness of posts I've been rather busy playing around with good old fashioned film. I'm a sure a few of you know I've got a rather nice Pentax 67ii Medium Format camera and that's what I've been using. It's big and bulky and heavy but it's a joy to use. So smooth, so bright and so noisy. That big mirror goes off with a bang. Luckily my version has the mirror lock up switch so any low speed pics are safe. I'll do a little gear piece later to talk more about this baby but in the meantime on with the show.

Before all that and just to explain the pics below are mostly experimental as I get used to what it can do hence the sometimes random subject choice. The pics below are from Fugifilm Velvia 100. It's a very nice film but the colours are a bugger to get right as it has a purple cast which takes some taming. Most of these pics were taken a while ago and it's only now I'm able to get the things on line as I've just bought a Canon Canoscan 9000f Mk2 scanner. Great bit of kit but ore of that in a special section I'll start purely for the film stuff.

Ok I'll shut up now!

Firstly a walk through the woods of the Sweet Track in Shapwick

Some flowers in the beds at Ecofriendly Bites

On Tealham Moore

Back at Decoy Hide Shapwick

I like this one. Was hoping it would come out well

A spiderweb hanging like an umbrella. I was curious if it would come out

Now we're at Stourhead NT

Just trying out the long exposure

Classic view

Possibly the most famous place in Devon!

Now this was interesting. It looks superimposed but its what came out!

DOF tester

Once I was confident I started to actually compose something

Sun was shining just at the right spot for this one

Random dog

Makes a change from trees and sky!

Hmmm if you do the White Balance for the buildings the skin tone goes a bit orange! I reduced the orange but it still looks wrong to me

Finally a lens flare tester. I like it!

So what do you reckon? It's not a cheap way of doing things which makes you really think about composing. I've been using it quit vigorously over the past few weeks and they should be back this week so expect lots more to come.

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