Monday, 6 June 2016

Rally Round


Saturday saw me at the Vale of Avalon Car Rally which meets at Bretenoux Road in Glastonbury before heading in convoy to Burnham. I've been to it a few times and it's a very interesting array of cars like they don't make anymore. This isn't my thing at all but if you don't push yourself your not going to grow. As usual I was soon deconstructing the things with close up abstract details. Lenses where the 135mm f2.5 which I don't use very often but still love to bits then it was the 58mm f2.4 Asahiflex. Now this one is really growing on me and seems to be replacing the 50mm f1.4 as the go to lens. It's so nice and easy to use. I love the no click aperture preset method. Finally just for fun and because I can the 17mm f3.5 Fisheye. I also did a bit of 'street' photography if you can call it that. Another style I really don't get but hey ho I gave it a tentative shot.

This is an old American pick-up painted in stealth black. It was gorgeous and fascinated me with it's shades all day

What a 2CV should look like

and what a Beetle should really look like

My dream car (Actually I would prefer the MkIII but never mind)

A Cool few hours. Pop along if you get the chance

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