Friday, 3 June 2016

Aqueduct Crossing Close up


I had the equipment in the boot following the usual week out on the road. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to snap away so on the way home from work I was thinking of a good spot to waste an hour. As I drove my options decreased and I was running out of steam. Ah! how about the old railway bridge that's now used as the cycle route between Hamwall and Glastonbury, Aqueduct Crossing. It's been done before but why not. I turn from the madding crowd and slip between the hedgerows to the oh so quiet spot that used to thunder with dark satanic beasts. This is a clip from YouTube of a series made by John Betjeman in 1963 before it was all closed down. Feel free to watch it but take particular attention at 5:50 as that's when they pass over this exact bridge as they travel out of Glastonbury. It's a fascinating part of rail history and I recommend googling stuff about the Somerset & Dorset Branch line from Evercreech to Burnham.

So now you have a flavour of the places history on with the pics. It started out as a study of the bridge and the water using the 17mm f3.5 Fisheye and 58mm f2.4 Asahiflex but when I got the 100mm f4 Macro out it all went a bit Victoria Hillman @vikspic who takes some fantastic macro stuff and does a nice line in B&W macro.

The bridge itself

I never tire of using the 58mm f2.4 with it's 12 blades on the sun

Then the 100mm f4. All of these (I think) were taken at f4 as I wanted that dreamy depth of field

And that was it! A quick hour at Aqueduct Crossing with rivets and all.

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