Sunday, 13 March 2016

Windmills and Pen Hills


I thought I would carry on the theme of a theme, local attractions and all that. First up I had seen on twitter a nice little video of a windmill. It turns out I'm not that far from it. Just the other side of Wedmore. Ashton Windmill is a cute little affair sitting right on the side of the road. It opens on Sundays after Easter and the sails turn once in a while but you can have a walk around it and the small filed it sits in any time you like. That's what I did. More info here.

Unfortunately the sun, as usual, was thin and hiding behind a vale of wispy cloud. Tantalising me with a bright but non directional light. Oh well, crack on! Lens of choice were the 35mm f3.5, 50mm f1.4 and 100mm f4 Macro Takumars. There is on using the 58mm f2.4 Asahi flex just to get those 12 flares from the 13 blades going. I had a good couple of hours wandering around and around in the still day. You would be hard pushed to get the sails going on a day like that. Not a breath.

This padlock caught my eye, quit often actually. You might notice it again....

Rough whitewashed walls, ahhh texture

The 58mm f2.4 Asahi Flex with 6 of those 12 flares

Chocolate anyone?

That watery valed sun

Just ending on a bright note

So where to next. I have a certain picture in mind, It needs planning but a hint is the location of the next shoot (Oooh I'm doing 'shoots') Another iconic landmark of these 'ere parts is the huge mast on top of Pen hill. This stuff fascinates me. Being an ex Civil Engineer you can see why. These days its more the Beauty through function that has been my mantra through all my designing life that appeals. A fork is an object of beauty not for it's own sake but because it has evoulved to be what it is though practical needs. If you changed it's fundimentals to be 'more beautiful' it wouldn't work and therefore not be a fork anymore.

Along with the lenses already used on Ashton Windmill I couldn't resist whipping out the old 17mm f4 fisheye. Well all those straight lines were crying out for a bit of bendyness

There was quit a lot of haze which spoilt the view but created an atmosphere

This is one of my favourites


Hello again

I thought I would hang around for the sunset. It was looking good unfortunately the farmer had other ideas. I made my excuses and left. I honestly thought I was able to wander around the hill but apparently not. Next time, as he suggested, I will ask. I suggest you do the same if tempted to go a wandering


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