Sunday, 6 March 2016

The trees of Godney Road


There's a particular stretch along Godney Road that has always appealed to me. You may know it. As you travel from Godney coming to the church you turn down onto the levels and drive through an avenue of pollarded trees. They are old, they are gnarled, they have always fascinated me. They are my favourite part of cycling home after an EFRS debrief at the Sheppey.

I walked the section from the bend up to the small bridge by the Pill Box. That's my bit. I swapped lenses in order, walking the section with one, swapping and walking back. The order being the 35mm f3.5 for the collage and Pill Box, 100mm f4 Macro, 50mm f1.4, and finally the 17mm f3.5 fisheye.

All thirty three of them

Odd effect when you try and do infinity focus at f1.4!

Can you see the Tor?

If you want to know where I was here's the map showing the section. You can just see the Pill Box next to the Division Rhyne and Godney Road

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