Sunday, 10 January 2016

Old timers


A day with a couple of real old timers at Steart today. The sun was out now and then and we took our chances. The two old timers in question were Dear old Mr Riley and my new Takumar 58mm f2.4 The later coming all the way from the mid fifties. Both as fresh today as they always were. A day with Mr Riley is always a treat with a more relaxed attitude than when out under pressure with the EFRS. We wandered along the estuary side and enjoyed both the light and the mud plus a good chat with Joe Cockram the Warden.

So the lens? It looks good and works good. Thirteen blade aperture gives a lovely effect when you want it. Its soft at f2.4 but does come to life at wider stops. Most of these shots were done at between f8 and f22. I'm not sure what the exact numbers are since its a preset and the numbers are underneath. You can read why HERE with a full review of the lens. So enjoy the pics......

There's those rays from the thirteen blades

Can be quit crisp if you want it

You can get some nice colours out of it

I do like a grey sky

Those colours coming out on a grey day

Nice bit of proper old skool with a couple of old skoolers.

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