Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hidey Hi!


While out EFRSing I had a go at some manual stuff as well. I've taken the plunge on a nice cheap 200mm f4 Takumar S-M-C Today was a perfect opportunity to give it a go. It's OK I suppose. 200mm is a bit long for this sort of stuff but hey ho!

A rather boring pic taken to extreme. It works for me

It can do it but not in very interesting way

I gave up and stuck the 50mm f1.4 back on and off we went

Now your talking

Fuzzy reeds again

Nice colours

The new Avalon Hide had lots of geometry to play with.

I don't do this as a rule but it was crying out to be done.

Big guns

That hide is brilliant. If you want to see what we saw have a look at our other site

I don't think the 200mm will be used much but I'm sure it will have it's day. I'll just have to make sure I have it with me!

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