Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Yeovilton Airshow


Oh oh oh what fun. I was on a mission. You CAN take action shots with a big lens on medium format. The kit was the Pentax 67ii with the 165 f2.8 lens coupled with the x2 converter. The film is Ilford Delta 100 pushed to 400 and Fujicolor Provia 400. That gave me a speed of 1/500th which seemed to work out well. Damn the Red Arrows are just magnificent. Almost as magnificent as my equipment for the day! The only down side was the sun which was high and directly in front of the display. Bit hazy but you can't have everything. I was expecting to run into a friend of the EFRS @robinmmorrison who is an avid aircraft botherer. Alas amongst the crowds I could not tell him from the other hundreds of front line troops with their rapid fire drainpipes. I was at the back with the mighty blunderbuss popping them off at about a rate of about 1 every couple of seconds if I so wished however due to the fact I would be using a three rolls up every minute I took it a little easier and went for quality over quantity.

The kit set up

And the results....... enjoy!

The fisheye interlude......

I have to say I was a little disappointed with the Provia 400. Very grainy and rather soft for action. Ok for portrait I suppose. I only have a couple of rolls left and will keep them for very special occasions.

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