Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Something old something new

Two places that I absolutely loved this week. Both right on my doorstep but unknown till now!

First off we have the wonderful Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum. Their website is HERE. Its situated just outside of Westonzoyland in Somerset. Close at hand but a little known gem. On each first Sunday of the month they steam up and you pay a little, every other Sunday it's free! It's run by volunteers and a lovely bunch they are to. One thing I must mention is the little cafe is brilliant. Run by the ladies of the museum with cake to die accompanied by a proper cup of tea. It's a small outfit but packed with lots of lovely static engines, workshops and the most famous outside law in Somerset!

I tried a few long exposures to get the blur of the motion along with a few sharp shots. Lenses were the 105 f2.4 and 55mm f4. All on Provia 100

The famous leaning toilet of Somerset

And a Fisheye for good measure

Heres a little segue into Glastonbury Abbey. Delta 100 pushed to 200 and Provia 100 105 f2.4 lens

And now on to the new stuff. This one is a little further afield but still close at hand. Its just outside of Castle Carey and called Hauser & Worth. Their website is HERE. It's a wonderfully transformed old farm thats now an art gallery, garden, sculpture park and restaurant. Whats more its FREE!! Again its the 105 f2.4 and 55 f4 all on Delta 100 pushed to 200

Couple of really good locations this week. They get my juices flowing. More to come!

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