Thursday, 29 September 2016

From Russia with Love

Its been far too long since I grabbed my camera and took any piccies.  A new term is always rather fraught and time is at a premium (yes I know teachers are always moaning etc etc).

Still, this weekend I had the chance to go and see the Moscow State Circus (yes I am writing this on a Thursday night*)

Sure enough they didnt disappoint.  After a few minutes there was all sorts of craziness and tomfoolery going on.

Inside a tent with no available sunlight made taken pictures rather tricky, even with the 50mm Carl Zeiss.  No flash was allowed either so I had to ramp up the ISO!  Of course with there being lots of moving stuff getting focus with the manual lens was something of a challenge.

Here are some of the better ones.


Great show - tough to take pictures.  But thats all part of the fun.

*I decided to go for a walk along the river near me.  In my infinite wisdom I decided that stinging nettles don't really  hurt and wandered through them in my trademark flip flops and shorts.  Last night was far to painful for me to type up anything or edit photos.  Tip of the day is too never walk through lots of nettles with shorts and flip flops

To quote Donald "Red" Grant:
"The first one won't kill you; not the second, not even the third.." The bloody 50th sting will though!

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