Takumar 50mm f4 Macro S-M-C

How many £40 lenses can you think of that you can take pictures of Weevils in detail, Landscapes in rich colours and House Martins in flight. Well this baby does and for less than the price if you take your time. Not many people want this beauty and they are practically giving the things away. If you want real all rounder then get this. Yes the f1.4 'Super Tak' has more mojo in the colours and charactor stakes and yes the the 50mm is a bit up close and personal in the macro stakes and yes a 400mm image stabalised Canon L series would bag the birds better but add up the cost of those three individual lenses, cart them round with you and bother to swap them over each time a swift flies past the bee your focusing on in front of the mountain and you'll start to appreciate this little bundle of fun. It's tiny and cheap. How I like my women!

This thing does everything you ask it to and you can take it anywhere. Also how I like my women!

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