Takumar 17mm f4 Fisheye S-M-C

Fisheyes, one trick ponies. All you can do with a fishey is............ FISHEYE................ WRONG. Macro, landscape, portrait. Its what you want. Stick the horizon in the middle and you'll never know its even a fisheye. Stick it so close you get the Dragonflies breath steaming the lens and you have macro. I absolutely adore this lens. Its really versatile. I love the fisheye effect anyway, sooooo sixties, you can just have fun with it. It's creative, it's tiny, the front glass sticks out a bit so you need that cap all the time. Its fishylisious!! The things this does to the sky is to die for. It can make every thing sooooo BIG yet look at it. That's a Canon rear lens cap its sitting inside. Aww! don't you just want to give it a cuddle its so cute.

A real macro lens can't do this

There are a lot of one trick lenses that you play with for a week then forget but a fisheye isn't one of them. Granted this isn't the cheapest of lenses but your still talking under £200. It's always in the bag as its also the smallest lens I have. Save and buy one. You'll love it.

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