Saturday, 30 September 2017

Steams up


It was the Annual Somerset Steam and Country Show at Langport, Somerset in July so I trotted over to get all that lovely steam and oil and shiny or not so shiny greens and reds and blacks of yesteryear. I was mostly packing some Velvia 100 and 50. Very different films. I've decided I don't like Velvia 100 and have subsequently sold them off and have gone to a very good home. The Velvia 50 I will use occasionally but Provia is defiantly my thing. I also used the trusty Delta 100 for the B&W stuff. All on the Pentax 67 ii of course and using either the 105mm f2.4 or 165mm f2.8. I've found myself using the 165mm more and more as it gives that little bit more reach than the others.

There is one issue with going to shows like this and thats the one of safety. What I mean is that most of this stuff is sitting behind orange plastic net fences. A bit of common sense surely prevails and  we should be able to see them in all their glory rather than detached by this ugly stuff. Gripe over lets see the beats.

I did like this rusty hunk.

See the face?

Wonderful . rich colours

Why I don't like Velvia 100

While composing this next one I heard the words every photographer loves to hear (And your lying if you don't) - "Is that a Pentax 67 Mkii?" Well what more invitation do you need to waste the next few hours. A very nice gent who had made a bit of pin money back in the day taking pics for calendars. We chatted for quite a while.

This guy was in the zone!

Past and present personified

Lovely day out here's to the next one.

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