Saturday, 2 March 2019

A grand days out

Some random pics taken on days out including Wells, Weston, Chester, Somewhere in Scotland, Glastonbury and Hauser & Wirth. Mostly taken using my current favourite the wonderful Canon EOS 1V HS with a 50mm f1.8 lens and an occasional red filter if required. Some where also taken using the beautiful Iskra. All on Delta 400 for the Canon and Delta 100 on the Iskra. Nothing too special but its been a while!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Up and down the Humber


Often on my trips to Hull I wonder about the old but still in use Albert Docks. I, like a lot of photographers I think, have an eye for the derelict. I think they call it the 3 R's; Rust, Relicts and Wrecks. While having a very nice vegetarian fish and chips at the Sail Maker (Battered Halloumi - Any cheese that squeaks is ok by me) I noticed there were people walking past the estuary view windows. A little research revealed a convenient Public Footpath running the length of the northern shore of the Humber. I was on it. With an afternoon to spare I parked up back at the Sail Maker pub and began my just under two mile walk to the dock gates. The camera for today was the Pentax 67ii using mostly the 55mm f4 which is not like me, the occasional 105mm f2.4 the 135mm f2.8 and the 35mm f3.5 fisheye which is like me. Film was Delta 100 pushed to 200 with a red filter.

For those that would like to know. Starting in the West and going East down stream and back

Once passed the delightfully if surreally placed Chinese restaurant you come to the passed. A large area of scrub spotted concrete. The remains of what was once a thriving St Andrews Dock. Not may people around and those that were were pretty furtive.

There was once ships and water

There is something about the built in red filter on my 35mm f3.5 fisheye that gives a lovely look. The filter is like a bathroom window what with all the fungus on it!

I'm sure Cerys is a lovely girl.

Amongst all the anger and frustration vented around these parts by the angry and frustrated there was this plinth to the lost fishermen of Hull. Totally untouched. They may be angry and frustrated but only with those that deserve it.

dEkO certainly has a head for hights

Bit bent!

and as it was.

I do like this one

Whats left of J. Marr & son Ltd

Passing over the old dock gates and on passed to still working buildings you come to a long stretch of narrow path that takes you close to the still operating Albert Dock. Along this stretch are the remains of a wooden harbour landing. All suffering the same fate as many a groin along our coast. Haggard posts and warty bolts.

Now if I was a religious man...........

This didn't come out quite as dramatic as I had hoped. More like photography by Pie Chart than a fisheye blast. Or if you cross a fisheye with a Dutch angle do you get a Dutcheye? 

waiting to light the ships that will never come.

Now we get to the really cool bit of this walk. In a very imaginative step by the local authorities they over came a small technical hitch regarding the footpath which goes all the way to the centre of Hull. At one point there is a bloody great warehouse plonked inconveniently up against the Humber. What did they do? The built a path over the top of it. Genius. Honestly I do think most authorities would have just gone "Computer says no" and moved on to deciding where they could paint some more double yellows. Oh no not Hull. Unfortunately I neglected to take a picture of the actual walkway. It'd not that interesting photographically but still I thought the whole concept was brilliant. Well done those who thought of it etc. And so from the rooftops........

Proud beasts

Interesting mix of geometry with a crow for good measure

Do you see a sad long faced lion as well?

This one piece of graffiti caught my eye. There was a lot as you would expect

Just by the Sail Maker and opposite the retail park is this stunning memorial to the sailers of Hull. 

A couple of days later I was back. This time I walked the other way up stream towards the bridge. A shorter and less stimulating except for a couple of spots. I also took along a much neglected camera. My Canon EOS1VHS. I didn't warm to this when I got it despite it being a fantastic camera. I didn't have the lenses for it but did use it with my collection of Takumar 35mm M42's I then discovered medium format and so to the cupboard it went. I thought resently that it was a shame to waste so I got a 50mm f1.8 MkI lense for it. I rather liked using it. Being the pro camera of its day, able to waste a roll of film in under four seconds with a 10fpm firing rate, it has one of the most useful features any camera can have; a multiple meter memory. Spot the highlights and press the button, press the low lights and press again and it averages it. You can zone with it if you wish with up to 8 (I think) memories. It has in effect got a built in Sekonic light meter! Anyway I digress. Film for the Canon was Ilford Delta 400 and a red filter. I also had the Pentax 67ii etc as previous.

Starting again at the Sail Maker and heading West

I walked passed the fisherman's memorial from last week along passed the shore based fishermen and rods to the end of the estuary wall where it turns right. This is where it got interesting. In amongst the reeds, I did listen for Bitterns and Water Rails with no luck, there is an upturned boat. It's been painted with the view in front of it the Humber bridge with reeds. It's pretty cool actually. To who ever did it; well done. I like it. I wonder how many people know it's there?

Hazy Humber afternoon

This must be where the more artistic bunch hang out around these particular parts. The graffiti is of a good standard with imagination and skill. 

I particularly like the defiance of the telegraph post.

I think this was left by fishermen to cut their lines if snagged.

Shadows of shadows of shadows

Had a really good couple of days along the Humber. That walk is quiet, interesting and beautiful. If your up there do it. Oh and stop as the Sail Maker for a spot of lunch. Tell them I sent you, they won't have a clue what your talking about mind.

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