Friday, 11 August 2017

Mull by film


This is the third and final Mull trip post. There was an earlier one for the digital pics on here plus the four posts over on our sister site with all the wonderful birdlife. Check them out. As a note on the digital post they often came out better. Thats me I suppose but also the film as I was trying to take shots not suitable for Provia. Too much contrast and your in trouble. All shot on either Provia 100 or Delta 100 using the usual mix of 100 f2.4, 35 f3.5 fisheye or 55 f4. But anyway here they all are. To start the show a lovely picture of a dead.... erm.... we weren't sure. Possibly a porpoise  but it was a bit far gone to really tell.

I do like the depth of field in this one. Those mountains are really creamy smooth thanks to the Wonderful Pentax 105 f2.4 lens.

House for scaling purposes

This one was close to the limit of the film

Ah! the classic three boats of Mull. Has to be done I'm afraid

Cocked the sky up on this one - damn!

Now I am well chuffed with this one

Good old fisheye at its best

Now for the Delta 100 stuff

Ansel would be spinning in his grave

While travelling around we came across these thousands of logs stacked high along a road. They had just felled most of a mountain side of its forest

Back to the scenery again.

We're in Tobermory, can you tell?

This was a very nice seaworthy sailing ship mored.

There you go. More in a week or so a bit closer to home.

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