Sunday, 23 July 2017

Once more unto the breech

Glastonbury's Abbey is a lovely place indeed for a brush up on your history and legend as well as a peaceful meander through the grounds. It's also the venue for many events. The one in question here is the Medieval Fair. Full of suits of armour and wenches with ale. What more does one need on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The fair was a good choice for black and white. All that shines reflects armour was asking for it.

Pentax 67ii and 105mm f2.4, 35mm f3.5 fisheye and 165mm f2.8 using Delta 100 and Provia 100

Just to set the scene

If James Bond was a spider

Lovely orchard

And so to battle

"Got chatting to this fair maiden down the tavern the other night. She gave me her phone number. Whats a phone?"

A more peaceful selection now from the Windmill at Ashton

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