Sunday, 11 June 2017

One of those stately home things

Oh I don't know where it was, somewhere up north I think but then most places are from here. It was a National Trust job and very nice it was to. Anyway here are some noice pics using Ilford Delta 400. Lenses were the usual 105mm f2.4 and 55mm f3.5 which has since been replaced with the newer and more importantly smaller and lighter f4 version. These aren't that good especially the colour shots however they will gradually I promise.

My fav

I do have a habit of deliberately focusing on the wrong subject as if it makes it a more thoughtful picture!

As a bonus heres a few from Lyme Regis using up the Delta 400 and delving into some Fujicolor Pro160 Not my usual choice but I had some with me.

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