Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pat on the back


With the good weather pocking it's head out I was eager to dust off the old Gino Lens. Its a beast and a bit scary as there is a lot of electricity flying round when this thing goes off. Luckily my big brother worked his magic last year and made it safe to use with the modern delicate precious DSLRs. It's a Yashica 100DX with lots of curly wires and an eight AA battery pack. More HERE on it.
So to the day. It was a bit of an EFRS style drive about with a wander down London Drove close to Westhay NR then into the reserve itself and to the large field they keep the horses in. OK it's a bit early but there were a few insects buzzing and scurrying around. Even a few Bumble Bees were about.
The wider picture ones were taken with the 35mm f3.5 Takumar.

Just to set the scene:

Slow Worm

Enough of that and I was off to my favourite place of them all. Catcott Heath and in particular the small wood with Pat's Pond. Before the hide was built it was a little lost gem but since then and with the building of the platform the paths through have bee transformed into a mud bath. Oh well, more people is good right?

Water Boatman. I like these hunters of the ponds

I'm going Pirate Wolf Spider on this one

Wolf Spider with a fly

These are VERY small

Then a couple of these Smooth Newts passed through

water Boatmen making sweet love

The final wander was round the far end of Catcott Heath where in the clear waters there were a few of these Common Frogs sitting quietly on the bed.

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