Thursday, 24 December 2015

Night Light


So its a bit of a tradition for me to head over to the Longleat lanterns at Christmas time.  It gets bigger and more bold each year.  But it was a good opportunity to try out the Carl Zeiss 50mm at night.

Its a great lens, whilst my fellow family members were struggling with Samsung and iPhones in the dark I was casually taking photos in near darkness :-)

For some of the portrait ones I used the flash (something a literally never do).

Here they are (yes I did go round the safari park but am not including any of those pictures)

 Great colours from the lens, This is totally un edited, just as is.
 Just looked interesting and a bit spooky
 Flash used on this one and the white taken down a smidgen

 The Samsung phone couldn't capture 2 moving critters in the dark, but the 30 year old Carl Zeiss could :-)

Its great fun to use the Carl Zeiss, so chunky and it has a cool retro vibe about it.  Plus everyone else is using shiny new lenses.  Not cool or hipster like me :-)

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