Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sutton bridge Dunster abbey


Theres a little place I really like popping into when on my travels. It's way up on the Lincolnshire coast, smack in the middle of The wash. Sutton Bridge is a magical place where you can wander out along the banks of the River Nene estuary past the Peter Scott Lighthouse and on to the wonderful vista of the seashore. I was hoping to walk as far as the mound just off the embankment a mile or so along but time forbade it. Instead I was restricted to the the immediate mouth of the Nene. It was here that I realised I may need a set of graduated ND filters. I have since purchased such a set and am yet to actually use them. One day maybe. All this on Delta 100 pushed to 200 through the Pentax 67ii and with 55mm f4, 165mm f2.8 and 35mm f3.5 fisheye.

A few odds and sods from a nice visit to Dunster Castle a bit closer to home. I had done here before but with the Takumars and Canon 6D. Again on the Pentax 67ii and the usual lenses. This time however I occationaly used the new green filter. Interesting and will be used again.

Oh this one is from Glastonbury Abbey to use the film up!

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