Monday, 18 July 2016

The boys are back in town (again)

The boys in question being me bezzy mate Steve. It was the annual boys weekend where we go away and have a bit of an adventure. Usually it involves cycling and tents but this year we thought a bit of a change was in order and plumped for a weekend in Northern Ireland. We ended up in a small cottage close to the port village of Ardglass in a place called Coney Island. Van Morrison wrote a song about the place apparently.

Anyway we did some walking and stuff but it's mostly an excuse for a pub crawl. I took my Canon 6D and the flavour of the month lens, Asahiflex 58mm f2.4 and the Pentax Polarising filter. Here we go................ (Don't you hate having to look through peoples holiday snaps!)

But first!

First port of call was the Bloody Bridge a bit west of Coney Island where rock formations were very interesting.

Couldn't decide on colour or B&W

This led us up into the Morne Mountains for a good old fashioned hike to the top of not the quite tallest one!

On the way back down there was an old workings complete with rail tracks! I was in heaven. This stuff really gets my juices flowing

I particularly like this one

You'll have to trust me on this but this is one of a pod of dolphins what passed by when we got back to the car park

Next day a stroll along the beach at Coney.

Then it was a walk north from Newcastle to a small spit that turns into an island at high tide. What a fantastic place. We had it all to our selves and the tranquility was perfect in the sun!

One of many tidal inlets strung along the coast

Magnificent beast

Low tide

A light house

Quite like this one with the clouds and the sails

Dead Crab!

Steve having a contemplation

And the final night was on the beach with a bowl of ice and two bottles of whiskey. I took a lot of pictures but most where, shall we say, a 'little blurry'!!

Moon over the bay

Those 12 rays again

A few doors up there is an abandoned shack which turns out to be the old tennis club house! Again I couldn't resist and snuck in on the last morning before heading for Belfast.

A House Martin nest on an old lampshade!

The Morne Mountains from the road to Belfast

What an absolutely beautiful place. I often go to NI on business and have never had a bad meal ever! The people are so chilled and there is never any drama or problem. Where we were it's very unspoilt so no silly car park charges etc. It's so chilled and everyone is honestly happy to serve you and chat. They invariably ask if they can do anything for you! Wow what a change. Get over there. OK so the weather helped but still............... WOW

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