Monday, 21 March 2016

Manchester - a brief visit


A weekend in Manchester brought opportunities for some architectural stuff with perhaps if I'm inclined some street photography. The weather didn't help. Why is it every time I fancy a day out with the camera it goes that grey flat sky giving absolutely no direct light at all. All you get is a completely flat ambient that shows nothing. Having said that I do like it at times as you get a funny neutral air to things.
An afternoon mostly in Salford Quays around the Media City had promise.

You may have noticed by now that I seem to have gravitated to a theme of geometry and deconstruction. Oh well, that's what I see so that's what I photograph. With this in mind I think the next stage is to start adding a little story element to the pics. Put some elements of time or dynamics or emotion into the proceedings.

I was travelling light so pared it down to two esentials. I plumped for the 35mm f3.5 as a good alrounder and the Asahi flex 58mm f2.4 just in case I did some night work and because I like a 50mm (ish) length. They both got used. Before the Tank it's the 35mm after that its the 58mm.

Somewhat ominous Hilton looming over Deansgate

Should have bothered to take a better pic of this building. It was a little gem

Ah the three forms of transport that made this country great!

Love the symmetry of this

Ah now we're talking. Some proper architectural stuff from the Lowry Building

And the bridge over to it



IWM North

The Rank Hovis building caught my eye

An a rather nice old Soviet T55 sitting outside the IWM

Hope springs eternal and all that

I like this one

The Hovis building again


This one works well I think

With the grey skies and everything painted white it didn't take much for the red to stand out in this one

The Quey West building. This is by far my favourite of the area. Wow that copper effect window thing really worked

You can hardly make out the reflection effect on this. Amazing!

And finally one that I didn't think would work at all but does. It looks like a collage. It's not at all. but a trick of the light.

I'll add some emotion and dynamics and all that next time I promise!

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