Tuesday, 5 January 2016

No love in this world


Another day at Catcott and Tealham Moor and another day using a lens I seldom play with. This time it was the Takumar 28mm f3.5 One that really doesn't inspire me. I'm not a fan of the length. I prefer either the 17mm Fisheye or 35mm. This one is between the two and doesn't work for me. But I thought I would give it another try and popped it on as the only lens for the day. Ok I did have three others in the bag just in case. I managed to resist temptation. I will give this lens a bit of slack. It didn't have too much to take pictures of in the first place. It made a good stab at it though.

When the light did come out it was very nice as seen here

Don't ask me to decide between portrait and landscape ratios

Follwing on from the windy reeds post a few weeks back I took the very same ones stock still and slowly returning to the water bit by bit!

Hmm I'm still not enamored with it. It may be staying in the cupboard for now. Maybe net year I'll try again. It's very soft wide open. Good for landscapes but so is a 17mm Fisheye and a 35mm. In my opinion better

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