Takumar 35mm f3.5 S-M-C

I'm very happy with a 50mm truth be told however there is sometimes you want that little bit wider, not silly wide so all you get is horizon and everything is a dot, I mean just get everything in. This is another favourite of mine and is usually in the bag. I'll alternate between the 50mm f1.4 and this for most of the time. Strange that I can't find too many examples of it though. Problem is I may be mistaking this ones shots for the 50mm but that just goes to show how good they all are. Isn't it!!
f3.5 isn't too fast but I'm not one for all that super fast stuff. I have an f1.4 50mm and f2.5 100mm for that sort of thing if needs be.

It's a lovely lens that is a keeper. Use it regularly and is nice and sharp. It's very cheap to, under £50 for a good one. 

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