Takumar 135mm f2.5 S-M-C

Not a lens I use very much. I'm more of a wider lens sort of guy. This one was put in the bag and used all the time for one days shooting just to make me use it. I was very glad I did. It's a beauty. Nice and fast at f2.5 and you can get stuff close if you want it but does have a very long minimum focus length. Takes in a large object a distance away very well. It came in very handy for the Starling murmurations for example. This would make a nice portrait lens if that's your thing. Possibly my sharpest lens of the lot.

I wont be using this one with the hod in future. Even though it is the correct hood for it it has bad shadows at the corners. Excellent for low light and far off subjects. I'll be alternating this one with the 100mm macro in the future. Bit pricey for the f2.5 version but still well under £100 not too common either. There's an f3.5 version which is pretty much the same thing but a lot cheaper. I bought one for a friend and is worth getting of you don't want to stump out of an F2.5

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